Losing weight after vertical sleeve gastrectomy or any other bariatric surgery doesn’t have to be torturous or a stomach-churning process. All you need to do is find some delicious yet healthy food recipes that not only offer required nutrients to your body, but also help you lose weight, effectively. In this post, we have compiled a list of five food recipes that will satiate your craving for delicious food and also work well as a healthy substitute for effective weight loss. Take a look.

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1. Baked Chicken with Garlic and Sun-Dried Tomatoes

As the recipe contains the health benefits of ingredients such as chicken, garlic, tomatoes, and onion, it makes a healthy food choice to fight obesity. For four servings, the recipe takes only 15 mins to prepare. Read full recipe here.

2. Crunchy Baked Fish

As fish is a rich source of protein and vitamin D, it makes for an essential ingredient for your diet. Crunchy baked fish is a low fat (read healthier) version of fried fish. The recipe is easy to prepare, as all you have to do is bake the breadcrumb coated fish nuggets. Once done, serve the dish with russet fries.

3. Devilish Deviled Eggs

The best part about eggs is that they can be savored in countless ways and Deviled eggs recipe is one among them. Mouthwatering Deviled eggs are hard to resist, and the preparation takes only a couple of minutes. Egg white and yolk being the main ingredient of the recipe, the recipe is a foodie’s delight as well as a healthy supplement to your weight loss diet.

4. Pumpkin Mousse

This rich and creamy mousse is just the right thing to gorge on, when you want to add flavors to your weight loss diet. It is a light meal with low fat and calories that make for a perfect healthy dessert in every season. The mousse is a real showstopper when served in a scooped pumpkin. Read full recipe here.

5. Easy Salsa Chicken

One of the easiest recipes of all time. For preparing Salsa Chicken all you need is some chicken and your favorite salsa! Given the nutritional benefits of chicken and low-fat Salsa chicken makes a perfect weight loss food for you to fight obesity.

Wrap Up

Diet plays an important role in expediting the weight loss process, post any bariatric surgeries be it a gastric sleeve surgery or gastric bypass surgery. Recipes mentioned in the post will help you achieve your weight loss goals without having to compromise on the taste of the food. If you are planning to undergo a gastric sleeve surgery in Perth or looking for an experienced surgeon to discuss various surgical options or pre- and post- surgery care, feel free to call 0865581901, or book an appointment online.

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