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Patient Journey

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Patient Journey

Dr Ravi Rao, a “Surgeon of Excellence” in addition to providing a wide spectrum of world-class surgical treatment options, provides comprehensive support and is well known for his after care for which he is loved by his patients. Here’s a glimpse of how we help patients at each step of the way:

Inspire by Success

Listen to the success stories of our patients, who have come forward to share their experiences about how our team helped them change their lives.

Discuss Your Options

It is very important for patients to know and weigh their options. We also understand that every successful surgical treatment demands an informed patient. Know what to expect and plan for your journey into a new life.

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Post-Surgical Support Program

Patients need all the right support they can get to navigate the path to recovery and a new life. Our comprehensive post-surgical support program gives you access to the best help.

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A lifestyle change that includes your diet is very important to get enduring results from your surgical treatment. We have a sampling of weight loss recipes to help you get started.

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Got Questions?

It is natural and important for patients to have many questions about their options and the road ahead. Click here for Dr. Ravi Rao’s responses to some of the questions and concerns patients often have. You can also call at 08 65581901 or Book an Appointment