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Although a physical exam always precedes weight loss surgery to establish whether a person’s body is in proper shape top go through the procedure, they also need to prepare themselves mentally as going under the knife is not an easy decision. Apart from the need to be prepared healthwise; bariatric surgeons also emphasize the importance of preparing yourself mentally.  To help you get there, we share a few tips to help you mentally prepare yourself for bariatric surgery.

Be Realistic with Expectations

Bariatric surgery is a medical procedure and there is nothing magical about it. You won’t wake up with a dream body overnight. Weight loss surgery is a tool to aid you in your quest to lose weight, meaning that you will still need to make a concerted effort to realizing that goal post surgery. With the right approach, you can expect to shed half of your excess weight in approximately six months and another six to reach your ultimate goal.

Get the Necessary Support

Crafting of long-term goals is central to the success of any bariatric surgical procedure whether gastric bypass or SIPS bariatric surgery. This is a task that is easier said than done and you need all the support you can get. Reach out to friends, family, or your primary caregiver for help crafting such a plan and keeping track of the milestones. They may also help you go through available weight loss surgery options in Perth and any resources.

Get a Grip on your Food Addiction

You need to identify and work on any underlying issues behind your food addiction, such as stress, before going for surgery. Failure to do so will surely guarantee a relapse post-bariatric surgery. You can find motivation in the benefits that you stand to gain from successful surgery, whether relief from pain or underlying health conditions. A lifestyle change pre and post surgery is an important ingredient to success.

Combat Depression

Depression is often a problem to people trying to shed excess weight through weight loss surgery. It sidetracks you from important goals and can easily lead to a relapse.  This is because weight loss surgery is only about 80 percent effective and requires positive emotional energy for success. Consult our bariatric surgeon in Perth for help working on a positive attitude with regards to the surgical procedure.

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Beat Alcohol and Tobacco Addiction

Addictions represent a real stumbling block on your path to losing excess weight. It is important to work on such addictions before surgery to optimize chances of success. IOt also helps you reduce the need for repeat surgery and other complications that may arise.

Wrap Up

Bariatric surgery represents the beginning of a fairly long journey that can be made simpler with the right attitude and preparation. Our team of bariatric surgeons can walk you through available options and provide the best pre and post-surgery counselling that you need. Call us at 08 6558 1901 to get answers to your questions or book an appointment with Dr Ravi Rao. You can also provide your contact details and we will get back with you as soon as possible.