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How long will I stay in the hospital?

This will vary from person to person. Most patients can return home after one day. As with any major surgery, there will be a recovery period which will vary from patient to patient. Remember that this is step is necessary. The better care you take during your recovery, the quicker you’ll be able to return to normal activity.

What about pain and discomfort after the surgery?

Many people fear a long and painful recovery period. However, most patients experience discomfort and soreness rather than pain after bariatric surgery.

What support will I receive?

Need help adjusting to your new daily habits? Our comprehensive post-surgical support program will match you with a combination of healthcare professionals such as a:





Each expert can give a helping hand both before and after bariatric surgery. You will receive all the information you need to know about: Which exercises you can, can’t, should and shouldn’t do

Which foods you can, can’t, should and shouldn’t eat

What you should know about medication, pregnancy, alcohol and tobacco

Information will tailored to your unique circumstances by your surgeon and dietician so that you have most accurate and relevant information at your fingertips. These tips for patients on the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Society will give a taste for what’s ahead!

Can you recommend a support group?

” There is nothing better than speaking to someone who’s already gone through
what you are planning to go through.
– Sam (pseudonym)

Yes! Support groups are an excellent outlet for patients to talk about their issues with people who know what it’s like. Patients help keep each other motivated, celebrate small victories together, encourage one another and provide perspective on the everyday successes and challenges that come with life after weight-loss surgery. You should know, we have our own support group!
The Perth Bariatrics Support Group on Facebook started to support our patients who live in rural WA so that they do not feel alone in their journey. However, the group has evolved into an unparalleled resource for all our patients.
Misinformation can spread in patient-run support groups, forums or websites, so Dr. Rao and team closely monitor the highly active group of hundreds. They are at hand to answer your medical questions. Former patients have cultivated a vibrant community by sharing their uplifting personal stories.
Go on, be inspired by more success stories than you can count. Share your challenges, goals and successes with Perth Bariatrics Support Group today!