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Sometimes your weight loss surgeon may suggest dietary changes before undergoing weight loss surgery. These are advised for preparing the body for surgery as well as a quick recovery. These changes ease you into the series of lifestyle changes including dietary habits, exercise schedule and other behavioral changes that are required post any bariatric procedure. While the timeline varies from patient to patient, one needs to plan things and consult your weight loss surgeon in the months and weeks’ ahead leading up to the procedure.

Importance of Pre-Operative Diet

Pre-operative diet helps in reducing the size of the liver that makes the surgery easier for the surgeon and safer for you. It prepares you mentally to follow a restricted diet after weight loss surgery reducing the risk of weight regain. Your surgeon will specify various guidelines and a timeline based on your clinical condition, age, BMI and various other factors. 

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Pre-Op Timelines

3-4 weeks before surgery: 

It is generally advised to lower your carbs and fat intake while maintaining a minimum amount of protein intake. One should prefer lean protein sources like chicken, eggs, tofu or salmon. Reduce the intake of carbohydrates by eliminating refined sugars and processed carbs. 

Pre Operative Weight Loss Diet Menu

 7-14 days before surgery: 

Prior to surgery, you may need to follow liquid only diet.

This may include

  • Sugar free protein shakes or meal replacement shakes.
  • Non-carbonated & sugar free drinks or clear juices.
  • Clear chicken or vegetable broth.
  • Smoothies and vegetable soups, etc

Key Take Away

To reach your weight loss goals these pre and post-op diets are essential. With the right advice from your surgeon and a comprehensive meal plan one can be protected against any complications during surgery.

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