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Cravings can come out of nowhere and can sometimes get the best of us. Advertisement commercials of fast food and aisles full of junk food in supermarkets make it even harder dealing with our temptations. Understanding what leads to cravings can help us keep them at bay and stick to our weight loss goals.

Take back control with these six helpful tips:

1) Listen to your bodies needs

Craving for that chocolate bar? Maybe your body needs a boost in energy. Craving for that bag of salty chips might be indicative for higher levels of stress or even dehydration. May a times, experiencing unusual cravings could indicate more than just a desire for food.

2) Make your kitchen a zero-junk food area

“Out of sight – out of mind” sounds frivolous but is an effective strategy at making your cravings inaccessible. The harder you make it yourself to reach out to those bags of chips, the more time you are giving your mind to make a healthy choice!

Overcome Food Cravings after Bariatric Surgery

3) Aim for a steady routine

If you have an irregular meal schedule, then losing weight can be a real struggle. It is important that you create a regular routine for yourself and follow the same with an optimal balance of essential nutrients. Various apps and online resources can help you keep track your meals and your schedule

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4) Being mindful of your stress levels

Stress and emotional eating can a major deterrent to your weight loss goals. Acknowledging your stress triggers & seeking psychologist input early can help you deal stress better and prevent comfort eating. A healthy sleep schedule and regular exercise also helps in coping stress.

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5) Try some green smoothies

The urge for snacking is at times unavoidable. Green smoothies are a simple and quick replacement for those snack-cravings. They are rich in nutrients and are simple to prepare. You can even try serving smoothies in a bowl, giving you the feeling for eating a meal!

Overcome Food Cravings after Bariatric Surgery

6) Avoid distractions while eating

While having a meal, try to avoid all distractions like checking your phone or watching TV. This helps concentrating on your meal and in understanding when you are full.

Avoiding cravings, consciously and seeking further advice:

Willpower and a conscious attempt to understand your cravings will help conquer them. Seeking help of a psychologist early helps getting back on track soon.

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