Obesity is a growing concern across the world, but the situation is more acute in Australia, with a staggering 63.4 percent of adults being either overweight or obese (data: 2014-2015). The figure is disturbing, as morbid obesity can lead to various diseases and health problems. With over 50 percent of country’s women being obese, there are increased chances that their babies too will be overweight or obese. Being overweight during pregnancy also puts the baby at risk, whereas the mother may develop maternal complications that may even result in miscarriage, and the baby may have a congenital heart defect. Women with morbid obesity must lose the extra weight prior, to ensure a healthy pregnancy and baby. When diets and exercises don’t work, you may consider surgery, such as Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy, SIPS Surgery or Gastric Bypass. This blog post further discusses the reasons to consider bariatric surgery when planning a baby.

Bariatric Surgery before pregnancy –

1. Lower the Risk of Maternal Complications

The probability of obese women developing maternal complications, such as preeclampsia and blood clotting are higher. As both the conditions are serious concerns that can affect the health of both mother and child, obese women must focus on losing weight when planning a baby. A bariatric procedure, such as laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy, SIPS Bariatric Surgery or gastric bypass, can prove to be helpful in lowering the risk of maternal complications.

2. Reduced Risk of High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a medical condition that troubles most obese individuals. The condition results in increased force against the walls of the blood vessels, which may lead to preeclampsia. The condition may result in irregular functioning of vital organs, such as kidney and liver. Undergoing gastric sleeve surgery before planning a baby can lower the risk of developing high blood pressure and help prevent associated complications.

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3. Reduced Risk of Gestational Diabetes

Bariatric surgery lowers the risk of gestational diabetes – a type of diabetes that is first diagnosed during pregnancy. The condition increases the probability of the mother needing a cesarean delivery, and also increases the risk of diabetes. This is why obese women get regular checkups for gestational diabetes during all stages of pregnancy, to minimize the risk of the disorder.

4. Less Chances of the Baby being Obese

The development of gestational diabetes in expecting obese women doubles the risk of obesity in the child. The child may then have to face similar consequences of obesity as the mother. Undergoing weight loss surgery before planning a baby can be beneficial for the mother and her child, as it would reduce the chances of the baby becoming obese, later in their life.

5. Baby has Fewer Cardiovascular Risks

According to a study by the National Institutes of Health and the New York state Department of Health, babies born to obese mothers are at a greater risk of congenital heart defects that can result in numerous problems in the structure of the heart; some also life-threatening. That is why obese women must lose weight before planning a baby, for which they can always go for a bariatric procedure.

6. Reduced Risk of Preterm Birth

Obesity also increases the risk of preterm birth and stillbirth. Preterm babies are born without being fully developed, which puts them at an increased risk of a number of short- and long-term health problems, such as weak immunity, retarded growth, and other anomalies. By undergoing a weight loss surgery, such as Gastric Sleeve, obese women lower the chances of having a premature delivery, and indifferent birth weight conditions.

Parting Words

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