Whether you have undergone SIPS surgery, gastric bypass, or any other weight loss surgery, your post operative diet largely determines how soon you achieve your weight loss goals. Although, bariatric surgeons give you a detailed diet plan to follow, post surgery, many of us make a mistake of considering healthy food to be a healthy choice after surgery. While some people are fine eating some healthy foods after surgery, others might not be able to digest them. Still there are some foods that can cause trouble to patients after SIPS bariatric surgery or any other weight loss surgeries. In this post we outline healthy foods to avoid after weight loss surgery.

Healthy foods that you need to avoid post bariatric surgery –

For the First Two Weeks

For the first two weeks after bariatric surgery your stomach is incredibly vulnerable. During this phase, bariatric surgeons strictly advise to avoid all solid foods. Instead stick to a complete liquid diet as advised by your dietician.

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For the Next Two Weeks

After the liquid diet phase, it is time to move to the blended and pureed diet that includes foods, such as tuna, egg salad, light fish, lean fish, tofu, lean poultry, or canned fruits and vegetables. At this stage you need to avoid sticky and fibrous food, because sticky and fibrous food sticks around in your stomach for long, making it difficult to eat anything else, which in turn can lead to deficiency of required nutrients.

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In the Long Run

Minimize the intake of foods such as popcorn, raw vegetables, red meats, and fruits with skin. Food items such as bread and popcorn have a tendency to expand inside stomach. In case you can’t resist eating pop corns or any such food, it is advisable to first eat some carrots or string cheese. Also, avoid eating red meat, overcooked leaner meat (turkey, chicken), vegetables and fibrous fruits as they are difficult to digest even for the person without bariatric surgery.

Wrapping up

After bariatric surgery, it is recommended to avoid heavy food because they make you feel full without providing enough nutrition to your body. In addition, avoid overeating as it may cause nausea. Bariatric specialists/surgeons also recommend avoiding any type of liquid at least up to 30 minutes before and after a meal. To learn more about the diet after SIPS gastric bypass or any other weight loss surgery, talk to seasoned bariatric surgeons in Perth. Perth Surgical and Bariatrics has expert surgeons that are always ready to answer your questions and provide guidance on the best solution for your specific situation. To get in touch, fill out our contact form today or give us a call at 08 9370 9686