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In the early days you will probably (hopefully) be using your protein powder to make up some high protein smoothies – flavoured and unflavoured.

In time, as you can eat more the need for these high protein drinks can and will decrease, so what do you do with your protein powder? Throw it out? NO WAY.

There are actually lots of great ways to use protein powder to BOOST the protein content of your food. This is extremely useful as the amount of food you can eat is still small so if we can get more protein into your meal without increasing the volume we are WINNING!

So here are some ideas of where to ‘hide’ your protein powder (suitable for unflavoured (UF) or flavoured (F)):

  • Breakfast cereals, overnight oats, muesli’s…(UF and F)
  • Yoghurt -mix in with some fruit and rolled oats (UF and F)
  • Protein milk: added to milk to make a ‘protein milk’ then use as you would milk on your cereals, tea, coffee…(UF)
  • Dips: mixed in with a hummus or avocado dip (UF)
  • Soup (UF)
  • Scrambled egg (UF)

Remember to start with a small amount of powder and do a taste test. A little more fluid can be added if the food thickens up. To help it mix in better you can add some water to the powder to make a paste then mix in with your food.

Written by Jane Stoltze – Accredited Practicing Dietitian for

Perth Surgical & Bariatrics