With 1 out of 4 children struggling with weight issues, childhood obesity is a major concern for parents in Australia. A research published in the “Journal of Clinical Research and Pediatric Endocrinology” points out that the probability of children of obese parents getting overweight or obese is as high as 80 percent. It decreases by half if one parent is obese and goes down to 0.13 if both parents are of normal weight. Obese children are more likely to grow up to be overweight adults. As a parent, it is your responsibility to keep your children healthy to make sure they do not experience the same obesity related physical and emotional stress that you went through by providing all the solutions and support. Apart from adopting a healthy diet and exercise regimen, obesity surgery is another way forward. This blog post details five easy tips that you can adopt to help your children overcome obesity.

Ideas & Tips to prevent childhood obesity-

1. Be Supportive

As a parent, you have a crucial role to play in your children’s lives. You are their pillar of support as they always turn to you in times of trouble. Overweight children are bullied and fat-shamed at school, which is why they need your support more than ever. You must always be there to console them and shower them with unconditional love. Instead of blaming your children for being overweight and making them feel bad about themselves, let them know how proud they make you feel, irrespective of their body size.

2. Identify and Explain the Causes

It is easy to brush aside your children’s weight problems by saying “it just happened”, but as a parent, it is your responsibility to explain the cause of obesity to your children. It is a chronic illness due to a combination of Genetic and Environmental factors . There are various environmental triggers for obesity in children, including inadequate physical activities, munching on too much junk food, and spending long hours in front of the computer, television, smartphone, or gaming console. Identify the causes that the increase in your children’s weight and prepare plans to lower the effects.

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3. Lead by Example

Parents are the first role models of their children. They look up to you in every aspect of their lives. That is why it is you who first needs to adopt healthy lifestyle practices if you wish to show and inculcate them in your children. Eat proper breakfast, snack on fruit, and make it a point to exercise regularly, so that your children can learn how to live healthy. The most important thing is to never complain about your diet in front of your children. Instead, embrace your healthy lifestyle to show how much fun it is to eat healthy and exercise.

4. Focus on their Diet

Diet is the most crucial aspect of healthy living. Infact, fitness trainers, dieticians, and obesity physicians say that eating right is half the job done. Kids always find gorging on chips, ice-creams, and other junk food fascinating. It is, therefore, your responsibility to ensure they learn and appreciate eating right. Replace snacks with a bowl of fresh fruits, hide unhealthy treats and only serve them occasionally.

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5. Let Them Take Charge

Another way of making obese children enjoy nutritious food is giving them control over what they eat. For instance, give them two healthy snacks options from which to choose as evening snacks, or let them help you prepare their own lunch from among healthy choices. Once they take charge of what they eat, they’ll be more cautious about the servings.

The Way Ahead

Though you may have struggled with obesity for years, you must try to give your children a healthy start to ensure they do not experience the same physical and emotional turmoil in their lives. Support and help them understand the benefits of a healthy diet and living. If you do not see any improvement, it is advisable to consult a bariatric surgeon to discuss weight loss surgery procedures for children. If you are looking or a weight loss clinic look no further than Perth Surgical and Bariatrics. We are a renowned obesity surgery clinic in Perth that boasts a team of experienced obesity surgeons with a high success rate in performing childhood obesity surgery. To learn more about bariatric surgery procedures for obese children, book an appointment with our surgeons by filling out the appointment form. You can also get in touch with us by filling out our contact form or simply calling us at 08 9370 9686.