Obesity is one of the foremost health concerns in today’s world. The good news is, there are a number of surgical procedures that help people reduce weight, with gastric bypass being one such procedure. Although weight loss is the main objective of the surgery, doctors consider a number of factors before giving you the go ahead. If you are planning to go through gastric bypass surgery, go through this blog that covers the top key considerations doctors make before recommending gastric bypass surgery.

1.  Weight

One of the main aspects that doctors review is your weight and diet. You are required to give them accurate information about your eating habits and exercise regimen. Some doctors may ask about your daily routine to determine the amount of stress you deal with on a daily basis.

2.  Age

Not too long ago, gastric bypass surgery was considered to be too risky for older adults and teenagers, but with technological advancement in healthcare technology and medical science, the procedure is now considered safe for people even above the age of 60 as well as teenagers, as long as the BMI of the patient is above 35. Teenagers who have serious obesity-related medical concerns are also eligible for a gastric bypass procedure.

3.  Willingness

When preparing patients for gastric bypass surgery, doctors prescribe a specific diet plan and exercise regimen. They will assess your ability to follow the recommendations and whether you are willing to adapt the prescribed changes. Your doctor will keep a check on your health and regularly ask for updates, and it is important for you to be completely transparent during the follow-ups and discuss all your concerns.

4.  Medical Condition

Certain medical conditions can be an impediment to gastric bypass surgery. Heart and liver problems, nutritional deficiencies, and kidney stones are a few medical conditions that doctors look out for when evaluating the suitability of weight loss surgery for a patient. The doctor may also conduct a thorough physical examination and prescribe a number of tests to check your eligibility for gastric bypass surgery.

5.  Psychological Status

A number of mental conditions, such as binge-eating disorder, anxiety disorders, depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and substance abuse may be a reason for obesity and can make it difficult for you to lose weight and improve your health after weight loss surgery. Doctors usually postpone the procedure until such psychological conditions are managed or treated.

Wrap Up

If you are eligible for a gastric bypass surgery, it is important for you to go through the procedure and follow your doctor’s recommendations religiously. Dr. Ravi Rao, a pioneering bariatric surgeon with a remarkable record of success in weight-loss surgery, can help you overcome obesity for good. Book an appointment today, and we will take it from there. Alternatively, you can also reach us at 08 65581901.

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