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According to recent researches, the number of early preventable deaths in Australia, caused by obesity is much higher than those caused by smoking. That somewhat explains the reason why an increasing number of Australians adult population is turning to every possible measure – from gym memberships to low-calorie diets – to get rid of excess body fat. Although dieting may have helped many lose weight, there are more than enough studies to prove that most of those who lost weight through dieting, regained it after some time, which brings us to the question: “Why our bodies don’t respond to dieting?” We answer the question through this blog post. Read on.

Diets do not work – why?

Dieting Slows Down Metabolism

Our body works like a thermostat. It means when we eat less, the body adjusts accordingly and burns less calories, and as a result we lose weight harder. In fact, this has been scientifically proven in one of the researches on our fellow mammals, the mice. The research was led by Dr. Clemente Blouet from Metabolic Research Laboratories at the University of Cambridge, and it proved how AGRP (agouti-related neuropeptides) neurons regulate our metabolism depending on the amount of food that is available.

Weight Regain is Almost Certain

Kevin Hall – a scientist at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), studied the weight loss process and results of 14 contestants of a reality TV show, The Biggest Loser. While the results were really surprising as most contestants lost a substantial amount of weight initially, Hall found that over time, most of the contestants regained 66 percent of the weight they lost on the show, and some even gained more weight than what they lost. This observation is not just true in case of these contestants but is true for most of the people who lose weight through dieting. All in all, dieting does not lead to sustainable results.

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Diets aren’t Easy to Follow

Hectic lifestyle, long hours at work, traveling out of town for business,  and similar other challenges prevent a person from dedicatedly following a diet plan. Even those with a strong will power tend to lose their focus because of an irregular routine. In addition, even if you somehow manage to lose weight by dieting for a special occasion or event, chances are that you will inevitably return to your old eating habits and pile those extra lbs again.

The Way Forward

Obesity is a serious problem around the world. What’s an even bigger problem is the fact that people take desperate measures to lose weight. Going for an obesity surgery such as bariatric surgery, gastric sleeve surgery is an effective way to tackle obesity issues. If you or someone you know is facing weight loss problem, schedule a consultation with our expert surgeons at Perth Surgicals and Bariatrics. Simply fill out our contact form and we will take it from there. You can also call us at 08 65581901.