If you have recently undergone a weight loss surgery, you need to be very careful when it comes to fulfilling your body’s fluid need. This is because, in the past, there have been many cases of readmission after bariatric surgery due to the complications arising from dehydration. Water intake after bariatric surgery is as important as it was before the surgery, however, the way you include water in your diet after surgery is something you need to pay attention to. Though it is difficult to drink recommended 8 cups of water on the first day after surgery, patients should work up to it as quickly as possible. To help you meet your body’s fluid requirement, here are some tips to keep you hydrated.

1. Calculate the Amount of Water you Drink

Maintaining the right fluid level is an easy job if you know how much water is enough for your body. According to dietitians, people should drink at least 1.8 litres which is equals to drinking 8 cups of water daily. In order to make drinking water interesting, you can choose your favorite mug that helps you drink 1.8 litres water in just 8 servings.

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2. Drink in Intervals

We have 24 hours in a day, divide your time in a manner that you drink at least 8 cups of water by the time you hit the bed. Having a cup of water after every two hours is a good way to meet the basic fluid need of your body.

3. Set a Reminder

There are many apps that remind you to drink water on time, and also help you keep track of the number of glasses you have consumed in a day.  If yours is a busy life, these apps will definitely help you fulfill your body’s fluid need.

4. Adjust Temperature

If drinking water after obesity surgery is making you feel nauseous, you can try molding its temperature to suit your taste. You can try hot, warm, or cold water to avoid dehydration. It is, however, suggested to drink warm water as it is more comforting and relaxes inflamed newly operated tissues in your body.

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5. Add Flavor

If temperature variations don’t help, try adding some light flavors to it. Try a water infuser by adding berries, cucumber, citrus fruits or any fruit or vegetable of your choice, which lend natural flavors to the water. You can also go for herbal teas. There are many special blends of tea, such as green tea with lemon and chai spice that help in calming the tummy.

Wrap Up

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle after bariatric surgery is not an easy job. It takes time, strength and dedication to adapt to the lifestyle changes you have to make post-obesity surgery. In order ensure enough fluid level in your body, you need to prioritize fluids in your diet, just like proteins and vitamins. If you are yet to undergo a bariatric surgery and for which you are looking for Bariatric Surgeons in Perth, Australia, Perth Surgical & Bariatrics can help. Dr. Ravi, a senior surgeon at Perth Surgical & Bariatrics carries an extensive experience in performing various types of Advanced Laparoscopy and Weight loss surgeries. Should you wish to learn more about the surgical procedure, diet plans, and post-surgery care, feel free to call at 08 6558 1901, or book an appointment and leave rest to us.

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