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“Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out”. This applies to patients who have undergone the bariatric surgery. Obesity is now pandemic across the world, with more patients seeking bariatric surgery to help lose weight. Many patients see huge weight reduction promptly after the procedure.

Post surgery, one feels full after eating a small quantity of food. There are huge neuroendocrine changes resulting in efficient weight loss and resolution of comorbidities. However long-term success in keeping weight off is patient-centric and is not guaranteed by surgery alone.

Maintain Appropriate Diet:

For some bariatric surgical patients, association with food is confusing.  Maintaining a journal of diet, preparing a grocery list, planning a weekly menu, making efforts to buy farm fresh and unprocessed food items, helps. Additionally, changing cooking habits, introducing measuring cups in the kitchen go a long way in maintaining discipline in the post-surgery phase. Try curbing sugar intake since sugar influences food cravings and dumping disorder.

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Avoid Emotional Eating:

Tips to Maintain your Weight Post Bariatric Surgery

Weight regain can happen if the association with food stays unaltered. Stay vigilant to eating habits; recognize the difference between food needs and craving for food. Change thinking pattern and identify food as something which should provide nourishment and not emotional comfort. Physical appetite is the physiological need to eat. One can eat small portions and feel full. Emotional eating is activated by a mental perspective and it hits suddenly which creates a desire to eat large portion sizes.

Maintain Exercise Routine:

Routine exercises that increase your heart rate and breath rate not only help in weight loss but makes it simpler to keep it off long term. However, take a stab at the activities and change them accordingly when routine starts getting dull.

Get Post-Op Support for Long-Term Success:

Undergoing bariatric surgery is definitely an emotional roller coaster ride. Being in a Support group helps to provide positive reinforcement which goes a long way in preventing weight regain. Perth Surgical and Bariatrics provide a forum to keep individuals motivated and emotionally supported pre and post surgery. It definitely is a proven and a life-changing supportive measure.

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Creating Realistic Goals for Weight Loss:

Post Bariatric Surgery

Having a well-planned and a realistic weight loss goal, keeps a person focused and motivated. Impractical weight loss goals undermine one’s efforts causing setbacks. One needs to work with their bariatric surgeon and team to create realistic and attainable goals based on the weight loss surgery procedure they choose.

Medical Follow-Ups:

Skipping follow-ups may lead to an improper diet, proteins and vitamins deficiency and increases the risk of failure to lose weight or increased chances of weight regain.

Summing Up

Lifestyle and behavioral changes towards food, alcohol, and exercise helps achieve weight loss goals and prevent weight regain.  To know more about a bariatric procedure and get personalized advice, book an appointment. Call us on 08 65581901.

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