Bariatric surgery is only the beginning of your weight loss journey. Weight loss through surgery is a one-time process that can be further galvanized with the right mix of proper information, tools, motivation and lifelong commitment to a healthy lifestyle. Post-surgery, you need to learn to explore life with renewed energy and an emphasis on lifestyle and behavioural changes towards eating, drinking exercise and socializing. One needs to continuously take care and support to make a difference in shedding those extra kilograms. This new-found and seemingly uphill task is broken down to small steps by first defining appropriate benchmarks and discussing the challenges with a consultant before weight-loss surgery.

Factors Determining Weight Loss Post Surgery

Weight loss after surgery is greatly distinctive. How rapidly you shed kgs after the procedure (and the amount you lose) relies on several factors like, age, gender, starting weight, activity level and how well one follows the prescribed guidelines, and exercise. It has been observed that when patients follow the rules, weight loss post-surgery becomes a cakewalk leading to a healthy and distinctive lifestyle.

Patient-centric results

The amount and speed of weight reduction varies with individuals. The whole process demands responsibility and consistency from the patient’s side. Post surgery it is essential to understand that success is dependent on the behavioral and lifestyle changes throughout one’s life. Bariatric Surgery enables weight loss and helps prevent or cure certain medical conditions. However, the outcomes are dependent on how religiously the patient watches the quality and quantity of what they eat, how much the exercise, and the amount of alcohol and sugary foods they consume.

Long-term follow-up and being a part of a robust support group is critical to guarantee long-term weight loss.

Diet and Exercise After the Surgery

Diet, like clothes, should be highly customized. One needs to work intimately with their specialist and dietitian post-bariatric surgery to ensure smooth unhindered progress. The 5 finger rule will help most patients keep their weight lost off long-term

  1. Watch what you put in your mouth (Quality)
  2. Watch How much you put in your mouth (Quantity)
  3. Exercise 150 minutes a week
  4. Nil Alcohol or 1-2 standard drinks per week only after all your weight loss goals have been achieved
  5. Do not drink any liquids 20- 30 minutes before or after a solid meal.

Wrap Up

Weight loss after bariatric surgery is usually a given. However to keep the weight off for the rest of your life is completely dependant on the patients’ commitment towards lifestyle changes and beahvioral attitudes toward food alcohol and exercise. For more information and achieving your long-term weight loss goals through bariatric surgery, please contact Perth Surgical and Bariatrics on 0865581901.


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