SIPS Bariatric surgery is an effective solution to get rid of excess fat and minimize the risks associated with obesity. Surgery alone, however, does not guarantee weight loss; patients too need to follow a strict diet and incorporate a regular exercise regimen to get the best weight loss results post the surgery. If you or your loved one has recently gone through a SIPS weight loss surgery procedure, or are planning to go through one, here are some diet and exercise related tips that you must know. 

Diet & Excercise Post SIPS Bariatric Surgery –

Diet After SIPS Weight Loss Surgery

Eating healthy is one of the most important things to do, post a weight loss surgery. Patients must have a diet that does not give them too many calories, and still gives them the essential nutrients required for adequate nourishment. It is advisable to have a diet that is rich in protein and fiber. The benefit of having a protein rich diet is that it helps boost metabolism and reduce hunger. Similarly, a diet full of fiber helps stabilize blood sugar level, decrease cholesterol, improve heart health and more.

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In addition to eating the right food, here are a few tips you must follow.

  • Properly chew your food
  • Stay away from foods with high sugar and fat content
  • Keep off alcohol
  • Don’t graze or snack between meals
  • Say no to tobacco products and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

The Importance of Exercise After SIPS Weight Loss Surgery

A comprehensive exercise regimen is vital for achieving the required weight loss results. Following a comprehensive exercise regimen, however, does not mean that one has to go to the gym or include strenuous exercises in their routine. A SIPS Bariatric surgery patient is expected to begin with slow walking during the hospital stay and the initial days after returning home. As the body heals, the magnitude of exercise can be increased , and patients may include light impact exercises such as using the treadmill, riding a stationary bike or doing household work. If you think your body has recovered sufficiently, consult your doctor and ask them if you can go for more strenuous exercises such as cycling, aerobics and tennis.

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Get the Help You Need

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