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There are numerous benefits of weight loss.

Health Benefits

Decreased risk of diabetes
Lowered blood pressure
Improved cholesterol levels
Decreased risk of heart disease
Decreased risk of certain cancers
Improved mobility
Decreased joint pain
Improved blood sugar levels
Decreased risk of stroke
Reduced back pain
Decreased risk or improvement in symptoms of osteoarthritis
Decreased risk or improvement in symptoms of sleep apnea
you can lower your risk for serious illnesses.

Lifestyle Benefits

More active social life
Greater confidence
Better sleep
Improved energy
Improved sex life
Decreased stress
Improved body image
Improved vitality
Improved mood

Why is It so Hard to Lose Weight?

Though there are several benefits, most people struggle to lose pounds and keep them off. The challenges they tend to face have sometimes has nothing to do with motivation or willpower. Obesity or overweight is considered a chronic disease, and some factors that may influence weight gain include genetics, medications, hormones, metabolism, etc.

Even if you lose weight, you may be surprised by how easy it is to gain it all. But the fact is your body is handwired to protect you and it tends to perceive prolonged dieting as a kind of starvation.

How to Lose Weight and Keep it off?

Though you may face difficulties to lose weight, maintaining better weight still offers invaluable health and lifestyle benefits. Getting started can be intimidating but the results that you can achieve will definitely give you pleasure.

First, you can ask yourself what inspires you to lose weight and create a realistic plan for dropping pounds slowly. Keep in mind that you cannot lose too much too soon. Small and measurable weight loss goals are key; you might aim to drop just a kilo or so in a month. That way you can enjoy your weight loss goal achievement that can keep you motivated. Better diet and exercise habits take the center stage in the meantime. You can focus on more healthy fats and fewer carbohydrates, which a doctor or a nutritionist can explain to you what meal plans may work for you better.

How Well Does Bariatric Surgery Work for Weight Loss?

Multiple health studies now say that bariatric surgery is an effective and durable treatment for obesity. Bariatric procedures, like the gastric sleeve and gastric bypass, can help people lose about 50-95% of their excess body weight depending on the procedure. It is observed that these procedures yield far better outcomes than a regimen of diet and exercise. In addition, they also have lower rates of obesity-related diseases, such as sleep apnea, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, etc. compared to people with obesity who don’t get weight loss surgery.

Bariatric surgery can definitely help you transform your body and reclaim your peace of mind is for sure.

For additional information of the weight loss surgery benefits, consult with a doctor by setting up an appointment here.