Individuals undergoing gastric sleeve surgery usually want to know whether their stomach will stretch post weight loss surgery. Though the surgery is highly effective, there is always an underlying risk of stomach stretch. The inner walls of the stomach are made of tissues called Rugae that expand and contract as a response to food entering and going out of the stomach. Though a healthy stomach also stretches a little to absorb enough nutrients from the food, excess stretching of the stomach can be a matter of concern. If a patient continues to overeat or engage in emotional or binge eating, it may lead to stomach stretching and weight gain. Taking the discussion forward, share some effective ways to minimize the risk of stomach stretching.

1. Avoid Large Meals

After gastric sleeve surgery, you may not have to eliminate everything you like from your diet. In fact, it is okay to treat yourself once in awhile. Patients, however, need to control their temptations and avoid large meals, regardless of the type of diet.

2. Avoid Fluids While Eating

Drink fluids an hour or two before or after the meals. Doing so facilitates digestion and prevent the formation of gas that can limit the space for food. In addition, avoid sweet beverages and train your taste buds to appreciate sugar-free fluids such as water and herbal tea.

3. Compensate for Occasional Treats

Even if you are guilty of eating a big meal, not all is lost. Keep your next meal small. Balance the meal with lean proteins, healthy fats, and non-processed carbohydrates. Moreover, make sure you do not go overboard with the frequency of “occasional” treats.

4. Control Hunger Pangs with Supplements

If you feel hungry all the time post surgery, have small healthy snacks in between meals. You can keep some dry fruits or protein bars in your pocket to keep a check on hunger pangs. Such snacks are not only healthy but also a delicious way to control food intake.

5. Exercise Regularly to Stave off Weight

Make it a point to spare some time for exercise in your daily routine. This is especially important for patients who have recently had a surgery. Include exercises such as yoga, meditation, zumba, and light weight lifting. However, before starting with any exercise, always consult your doctor.

Final Words

Stomach stretching is a possibility post gastric sleeve surgery. Patients, therefore, need to be careful about what they eat and keep a check on their weight. If you have any questions about bariatric surgery, the consultants at Perth Surgical & Bariatrics will be happy to help. Our bariatric surgeons in Perth are committed to ensure every patient receives world-class treatment. To book an appointment, call us at 08 65581901. Alternatively, fill out our contact form, and we will get back to you, shortly.

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