Gastric bypass surgery is a lifeline for obese individuals who want to lead a healthy life. The surgery, however, only modifies the patient’s digestive system. The crux of weight loss lies in the individual’s ability to incorporate dietary changes and physical exercises in their routine. Swimming is an excellent choice of exercise and a tough fat-burner workout that limits your oxygen intake and ups your cardiac activity to improve metabolism. If you are still not convinced about taking up swimming, here are five reasons to help you make up your mind. Read on.

1. Helps Boost Cardiac Activity

Swimming helps you incorporate superlative cardiovascular conditioning into your fitness regimen post-bariatric gastric bypass surgery. Unlike running, swimming is a non-impact workout that improves your overall fitness. Studies conducted by the University of South Carolina show that while swimming, the oxygen intake in your body is limited while your cardiac activity boosts up. Subsequently, your body uses the available oxygen more efficiently and conditions your heart and lungs.


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2. Accelerates Metabolism

Exercises such as running and cycling end up raising your body temperature, therefore suppressing your appetite. You would be surprised to see how much your appetite increases, after you return from a swimming session. This increased hunger is the result of your body’s need of energy to restore normal temperature. In addition, you can burn more calories through swimming, by using your legs intensely when you swim, and alternating your speed between two laps.

3. Facilitates Muscle Conditioning

Swimming also involves the movement of all the important muscles in your body, therefore, you develop well-defined shoulders, arms, upper pectorals, glutes and calves. Regular swimming sessions help you build longer, leaner muscles that can burn calories for long time periods. You develop core body strength as your body uses all important muscles in your body to coordinate the movement during swimming.

4. Elevates your Mood

Most patients who undergo gastric bypass or SIPS bypass surgery in Australia, tend to lose focus and become anxious to lose excess body fat more quickly, within the first few months after surgery. Swimming can help you keep anxiety at bay and elevate your mood. Surgeons around the world recognize early-morning swimming sessions as one of the most cathartic exercises around, and comparable to yoga, in terms of stress reduction.


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5. Increases your Flexibility

Swimming in a heated pool helps you relax your muscles and improves flexibility, especially after an intense weight-loss workout. Endurance workouts primarily result in a buildup of lactic acid in your muscles, which can easily be neutralized through a low-intensity swim. In addition, swimming regularly can help your body flush out toxins that cause soreness and fatigue in your body, therefore, facilitating the overall weight loss.

Wrapping Up

Post bariatric surgery, it is important to take up exercises to burn the superficial excess body fat, in addition to modifying your dietary choices. You can pursue swimming as a standalone exercise or combine it with aerobic exercises and weight training, to strengthen your muscles and improve your metabolism. To learn more about bariatric surgery procedures and exercises, schedule a consultation with our expert surgeons at Perth Surgicals and Bariatrics. Simply fill out our contact form and we will take it from there. You can also call us at 0865581901.

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