Nutrients regulate a number of processes in the body including hunger, brain activity, metabolic rate, and energy storage, all of which have a direct impact on body weight. The body extracts essential vitamins and nutrients from regular foods; and after gastric sleeve surgery, there is a dramatic reduction in its nutrient absorbing capabilities. To compensate for the loss of essential nutrients after vertical sleeve gastrectomy, you may need regular supplements. In this blog post, we look at the essential nutrients that you will require post gastric sleeve for weight loss.

1. Multivitamins and Minerals

Multivitamins and minerals are quite essential after laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy, especially during the first month. Take multivitamins preferably in a chewable or liquid form as you can experience difficulty in swallowing during the initial days post gastric sleeve for weight loss. Generally, multivitamins are rich in Vitamin A, D, E and essential micronutrients to ensure your stomach and body heals quickly and as desired. Discuss the right dosage requirements with your bariatric surgeon and don’t skip a single day to stay on track of your weight loss journey.

2. Calcium Citrate

Though multivitamins may contain calcium, the quantity isn’t enough to suffice the body’s requirements. Calcium deficiency is a possibility after gastric sleeve or any bariatric surgery for that matter. To prevent calcium deficiency, maintain a daily intake of at least 1000 to 2000 mg calcium citrate throughout life either as liquid or chewable pellets. When popping a calcium citrate pill, exercise following caution:

  • Don’t combine iron and calcium citrate supplements
  • Leave a minimum 2-hour gap between multivitamin/iron or calcium citrate supplements
  • Start taking calcium citrate a month after vertical sleeve gastrectomy or as advised by your bariatric doctor

3. Vitamin B12

More than 10 percent patients end up with Vitamin B12 deficiency after undergoing gastric sleeve surgery as a result of inadequate digestion. Vitamin B12 deficiency can lead to fatigue, tingling sensation in hands and may even translate to anaemia and neurological disorders. To fulfil Vitamin B12 requirements, your bariatric surgeon may prescribe outside supplements that are available as pellet, sprays or other sublingual forms. The ideal intake is 5000 to 7500 mcg and a gastric sleeve patient is required to take a pill only once a week.

4. Iron

Iron deficiency is a possibility after gastric sleeve surgery that often leads to weakness and fatigue. To promote a swift recovery without draining body’s energy, your bariatric surgeon may suggest iron supplements. Double check the directions before starting a dose and consume iron supplements empty stomach, else you may have to struggle with an upset stomach. Your bariatric surgeon may advise you to combine iron supplements with Vitamin C for better absorption; however, avoid ingesting calcium at the same time as it interferes with iron absorption. Ideal dosage is about 30mg ferrous fumarate or as directed by the bariatric doctor.

5. Proteins

As you begin losing weight post gastric sleeve surgery in Perth or elsewhere, you need enough protein to maintain muscle and promote adequate healing. It is, therefore, important to get at least 60 grams protein every day after vertical sleeve gastrectomy. Your bariatric surgeon will prescribe protein supplements; however, you may also try a few protein-rich bariatric recipes to escape the mundane diet.

The Bottom Line

Gastric sleeve is one of the most preferred bariatric procedures in Australia as it results in approximately 60 percent reduction in body weight. Though patients continue to lose weight over the years, they can’t afford to neglect their nutritional requirements of your body. Keep a check on what, how, and when you eat and take the prescribed supplements as suggested by your bariatric surgeon. If you are struggling with morbid obesity and considering weight-loss surgery or have any questions after undergoing gastric sleeve surgery, bariatric surgeons at Perth Surgicals and Bariatrics can help. To learn more about our bariatric procedures, schedule an appointment. You can also call us at 08 6558 1901.

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