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The psychological impact of bariatric surgery on life is largely unknown despite the high prevalence of psychological disorders among candidates. We will discuss the psychological impact of bariatric surgery, explore the psychological factors that may contribute to morbid obesity, as well as the effects on eating behaviors after surgery.

It’s never easy getting surgery. Your emotional health is as vital to a successful weight loss procedure as your physical health

In order to achieve a healthier weight, it is crucial that you mentally prepare for your bariatric surgery. Perth Surgical & Bariatrics’ bariatric and nutrition experts recommend starting with these five tips:

1. Set Realistic Expectations

Setting realistic expectations is the first step after a surgery. Having bariatric surgery will not make you thin overnight. Having a smaller stomach will help you on your weight loss journey, but it’s not a miracle weight loss solution.

You may not see the same results as someone else. Don’t give up. Every individual is different, and lifestyle changes and diet habits have a significant effect on weight loss.

Remember that losing weight will require effort and time. You should follow your doctor’s recommendations regarding physical activity and gradually increase the amount as you feel comfortable. Staying on track and not giving up is easier when you understand the process ahead.

2. Make Sure You Don’t Go at it Alone

Support is everything when considering surgery.

Keep track of your weight loss milestones and ask a family member or friend to help you set long-term goals and stay motivated. The multidisciplinary staff within your bariatric program can assist you in developing your plan and keeping you on track.

It may help for you to start with baby steps if bariatric surgery is a daunting prospect for you. Choose one or two resources from the options rather than attempting to learn all at once.

3. Appreciate the Need for Physical Activity and Recognise Food Addiction

Before undergoing surgery, you need to address your food addiction. In order for you to understand the role food plays in your life and to develop health alternatives, your mental health care provider is often helpful. The emotional needs that eating meets won’t be met by a smaller stomach through bariatric surgery.

Stress is often dealt with by eating food. It is only a short-term solution and will lead to more problems in the future. If you know this and broaden your perspective, you may realize the value of limiting your consumption and choosing healthier foods.

Our eating habits improve when we are happier and sleep better. Strength and endurance can be improved without spending lots of money.

4. Get Help for Depression

It takes time and commitment to keep weight off after bariatric surgery, but it is about 80% effective. You should support your efforts with your emotional energy.

During the recovery period following surgery, you are physically restricted in what you can eat. A person suffering from depression may find it even more difficult to maintain their diet, especially if they are food-addicted.

Bariatric Surgery Can Change Your Life for the Better

Weight loss surgery is a powerful tool to help overweight people lose weight and can change their lives for the better.

Through bariatric surgery, the following benefits can be achieved:

  • Heart health is improved.
  • Diabetes type 2 is in remission for the long-term.
  • Blood pressure is improved.
  • Getting rid of depression.
  • Elimination of obstructive sleep apnea.
  • Providing relief from joint pain
  • Fertility is increased.
  • Other medical conditions such as cancer, gallbladder disease, and pregnancy complications can be relieved as well.

You’ll have plenty of work ahead of you, so never forget that bariatric surgery is just the beginning of your weight loss journey.

You may need help developing and maintaining a positive attitude about the process if you speak to your bariatric doctors. They will assist you in any way possible to make sure you’re on the right path.

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