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Gastric Bypass surgery how long does it take?

How Long Does Gastric Bypass Surgery Take?

Published on March 20 , 2024 | 5 Minutes to Read

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How long does Gastric Bypass surgery take?

If you are wondering how long does Gastric Bypass Surgery take to perform read the our blog completely to understand. Bypass surgery (also known as Roux-en-Y gastric bypass) is designed to help people lose weight. The procedure reduces portion sizes and limits calorie absorption by bypassing part of the small intestine and shrinking the stomach. The gastric bypass procedure can help you lose weight quickly if combined with diet and exercise.

Many gastric bypasses are performed laparoscopically, which involves a tiny camera and small incisions. As a result, the procedure has fewer complications and less discomfort, making recovery easier. Preparation and recovery time must be factored in along with the procedure.

Bariatric Surgery Preparation

One of the most time-consuming parts of bariatric surgery is preparing for surgery. It may take weeks or even months for you to lose weight before surgery. This is because you have to start implementing the habits that gastric bypass is designed to encourage, which can take a while.

Check if your insurance company covers bariatric surgery (codes:31575/31572/31581). If you are a current smoker, you’ll need to stop if you’re going to undergo surgery. Sometimes a psychological evaluation may be required. It is crucial to avoid some medications and restrict what you eat or drink before the surgery.

How Long Does Gastric Bypass Surgery Take?

When all preparations have been completed, you can undergo the actual surgery. Since gastric bypass surgery takes only two to three hours to complete, this is the quickest part of the process. You won’t be awake during that time because you’ll be under general anaesthesia.

Laparoscopic gastric bypass is performed at Perth Surgical Bariatrics. Although laparoscopic gastric bypass has fewer complications than open gastric bypass, it takes no longer to complete. It uses small incisions and a tiny camera to view the surgical area. According to one study, laparoscopic gastric bypasses take about 186 minutes on average, while open surgeries take just over 200 minutes.

Recovery Time for Gastric Bypass

You will spend a few days in the hospital following surgery. Your life will begin to return to normal once you return home. Upon returning home, you should avoid heavy lifting or strenuous activities for a week or two. Make sure that you get enough rest and walk around to prevent blood clots.

You should be able to return to work two weeks post-surgery.

It will take 6 to 8 weeks for you to be able to eat a normal diet, starting with liquids right after surgery and gradually adding solid foods.

Gastric Bypass Surgery Risks

Gastric bypass surgery can result in dumping syndrome. Usually, after eating sweet or high-fat foods, large amounts of stomach contents move through the small intestine too quickly. Symptoms of dumping syndrome include:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Cramps
  • Diarrhoea
  • Sweating
  • Dizziness
  • Weakness

The following are other risks and complications associated with gastric bypass surgery:

  • Stomach or intestine perforation
  • Gastric and intestine leaks caused by surgical connections
  • The surgical wound bleeds internally or profusely
  • Obstruction of the gastrointestinal pouch, anastomotic tube, or bowel.

Before your procedure, your bariatric surgeon will discuss with you all risks and complications associated with gastric bypass surgery. Any questions you may have about gastric bypass surgery should be addressed to your surgeon.

Gastric Bypass Recovery FAQs

Gastric bypass surgery patients often ask the following questions.

How Long Does Gastric Bypass Surgery Take To Complete?

Lap-band surgery or Gastric banding and sleeve gastrectomy take about an hour to perform, whereas a gastric bypass takes 2-3 hours.

How Long Is The Hospital Stay After A Gastric Bypass?

Usually, you won’t have to stay at the hospital longer than two or three days after surgery. If you have any complications, then your stay might be longer.

What Is The Number Of Incisions Required For Gastric Bypass Surgery?

A laparoscopic gastric bypass requires five or six small incisions. During surgery, your surgeon will insert a laparoscope (a tiny camera on a tube) and various instruments through those incisions. Due to the smaller incisions, this surgery is preferred over open surgery.

How Soon After Bariatric Surgery Can I Drive?

Driving should be avoided if you are taking pain medications that cause drowsiness. You should definitely not drive one week after surgery. Return to driving should be dictated by how normal you feel and if you can apply brakes safely without eliciting pain.

Gastric Bypass – Making The Commitment

A gastric bypass is one of many people’s most crucial weight loss procedures. Taking the time to prepare and recover is part of the commitment you must make if it’s going to be successful. You should be able to make a significant difference in your life if everything goes according to plan.

You may qualify for bariatric surgery if you’re obese and struggling to lose weight. Get in touch with us to see if bariatric surgery is the right option for you.

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