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The video is a Facebook live session hosted by Dr Ravi Rao. It gives an insight into Sleeve Gastrectomy, gastric dilation, the dread of weight regain & the predictors of weight regain after the procedure. Dr Rao takes us through the gastric sleeve surgery, also known as the vertical sleeve gastrectomy which is an effective weight loss surgery procedure. He explains at length about the percentage of weight loss that is expected after surgery and the possible risks of weight regain.

To help the existing & prospective patients, he breaks down the predictors of weight regain which include,

Surgical factors – Larger bougie size, instances of more stomach being left behind, the anatomy of the patient, relatively younger surgeon etc.

Behavioural factors – Grazing, people with emotional disturbances, people withdrawing from follow-ups, binge eating, night eating etc.

Energy consumption & expenditure pattern – More calorie & card intake and less exercise, unhealthy eating habits etc.

Mood factors – Depression, anxiety, stress; medications used for psychiatric illness etc.

Other factors – High cost of good food, lack of follow up support etc.

Dr Rao is seen addressing questions from viewers on –

  1. The best ways to stop regaining weight after the surgery
  2. Questions on revisional surgery
  3. Ways to control the food intake
  4. Ways to increase the intake of essential nutrients
  5. Some side effects of the surgery & techniques to overcome that
  6. Weight gain & its impact on pregnancy and vice versa

He helps us understand –

  1. The importance of tracking what you eat in a day through a written or a video journal for those who have had bariatric surgery, and
  2. The impact of exercising for about 300 minutes every week

He gives out essential tips to his viewers on changing the lifestyle and making healthy eating & exercising a part of the routine.