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After recently having my surgery with Dr Ravi Rao I am happy to recommend him to anyone looking at Gastric Sleeve Surgery. Dr Rao is very supportive, takes the time to answer All questions and makes you feel at ease and comfortable with your decision. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr Rao and anyone. It’s lovely to have a Dr who really does care. Thank you Dr Ravi

All what is written above is true..Thanks guys for honest opinion..I chose him based on reviews above.. Very Very informative, professional , great bedside manners. After operation. ..I was suprised with scars and such minimal pain..I even asked him if he had done my sleeve…6 weeks now…no regrets..Absolutely recommend him..5 stars

Would recommend Dr Ravi Rao for your bariatric surgery. He is very passionate about weight loss surgery, very informative and has a lovely manner. Will answer any question which you ask. I had gastric sleeve surgery in January this year (2016). Recovery went well and I have lost 29kg so far

I would highly recommend Dr Ravi. Weighing 132.4kg, I had gastric sleeve surgery in October 2015. The surgery went very well and Dr Ravi was so helpful and caring and gave me the confidence to actually go ahead with the procedure. After following all post op instructions and 15 weeks on, I have lost 30kgs. Dr Ravi’s wife and receptionist, Succhi, was also very helpful throughout the entire process.

Had my gallbladder removed by Dr Rao – the best thing I have ever done in my life thanks to Dr Rao! Not a single problem all the way. Super quick recovery. Dr Rao and his team are the first class. Really appreciated!

I would highly highly recommend Dr Ravi, I have recently has gastric sleeve surgery and couldn’t be happier with my choice of surgeon, he takes the time to listen and most of all really knows what he is doing, I have had the best recovery with no issues at all and my scars are hardly visible either! Suchi is really great also and goes the extra mile to help with all of the paperwork!

An experience you wont regret. Right from the time you meet him to the day you get discharged from hospital after the operation , absolutely top notch..four weeks after a sleeve I have no symptoms and thrilled with the weight loss. I chose him after reading all the reviews here and on other sites…cannot agree more.

I recently had a sleeve performed by Dr Ravi and I would recommend him to anyone looking at doing the same. My recovery has been quick and painless, the scarring will be minimal if at all and every question has been answered thoroughly by Dr Ravi and his team.

Dr Ravi and his team are fantastic. I arrived at the appointment with a lot of questions and he took the time to answer them thoroughly . The after care I received was first class. I had my surgery a few weeks ago now and i’m feeling good..

My name is Glenice Grime and I am 70 years young. I want to share my life changing transition with you.

I was terribly obese and referred to Dr Ravi Rao for bariatric surgery. During our consult he explained to me that according to guidelines the cut off age was 65. The risks of surgery in me was very high since I had other medical issues and also the fact that I had a stroke 3 years back did not help my case. I explained to him I did not want the operation to extend my life nor to experience the glamour side, I only wanted quality of life and then to live my life to the fullest. Dr Rao listened.

Then a process began. Dr Rao had that many tests done, I think I had to jump through more hoops than a trained Dolphin. Lucky for me I passed. I had my operation in March at SJOG Subiaco. From day 1 I have never looked back. I have the quality of life that I had always longed for. I can now stand and watch my grandchildren play sports & go for long walks. Before, I could not walk to the Letter box without 4 or 5 stops. Now I walk 4 blocks to get the paper. I have since lost 25 kg which is wonderful. I know I still have a long way to go but it is an exciting journey. I can see my toes. I am just about off all medication, my kidneys are functioning perfect, I have beat diabetes and now I do not need to continue on with back surgery.

I will never be able to thank Dr Ravi Rao enough for having the faith in me and giving me the chance of a lifetime, to live the life I dreamed of. This just shows age should be no barrier, if you have the right mind set.

Once again a big thank you Ravi, for giving me the life I was hoping for


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