You have been procrastinating about bariatric surgery for long. Now that you have finally decided to go ahead and probably happy about the prospect, unfortunately you find that some of your family members and closest friends express concern about your decision. How do you deal with this?  The least you can do is to try and win them over so that you can go ahead with the planned surgery without letting your family members drag you down.

Get into the crux of the issue

First of all, you need to know the reason why they are against weight loss surgery. Are they scared of the risks related to the procedure? Do they think you are cheating? Do they think you don’t need it? Or maybe, they know someone who has had complications post bariatric surgery?

Allow them to voice their opinions or worries and address them directly.  They may be apprehensive about your resolve to follow the postoperative dietary regimen. They may be afraid you may fail the procedure. Some may even think you don’t need the procedure. They love you so much that they don’t see you as overweight or comprehend the difficulties that you face in real life. They may feel ashamed, and feel they have failed you. Your partner may feel threatened as they may have been comfortable in the relationship for years they way you are, and suddenly worry about the change in equation if you were to lose weight.

Whatever the issue, address it directly. Assuring your family that you are doing this for you, your health and happiness  and that you will not suddenly become a different person.

Involve Them in Your Journey

If you involve your friends and family in your weight loss journey by sharing your vision, it is sure to help you win their approval. Have detailed conversations about the surgery, discuss the preparation guidelines, how the prescribed procedure is performed, and the diet to be followed after the procedure, and other similar details. Such discussions may prove to be useful in the long run, and they may even be grateful if you let them know how specifically you want them to help.

Have Patience. The world will come to you.

It may take time to convince them. It may take some time for your family and friends to let go of their apprehensions and accept your decision to undergo bariatric surgery. At the outset, they may snub you for this initiative; however, they will surely change their mind once they see the results and see how happy you are.

If you have tried hard to convince your family and still have mixed opinions, stick to your decision. The reason that they may disapprove is because they are unsure how surgery may interfere with your life and health. Disagreements are common when it comes to making a major decision. Let your dear ones know that you respect their opinion, and hope to get their support in your effort to help regain your health, well-being and happiness. Agree to disagree.

The Bottomline

The love and support of family and close friends make it easier for you to undergo weight loss surgery and achieve your weight loss goals. It is natural for your friends and family to be concerned about you, and only you can convince them about the aptness of the decision. Don’t let resistance from family get you down though.

Once you have a successful outcome, that will be the best argument why your loved ones should support you. It may take a very long time , but once they see how happy you are and realise how much they miss you, they may come around.

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