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How to Deal with Weight-Gain Post a SIPS Gastric Bypass Surgery

December 27, 2017

Weight gain post SIPS gastric bypass surgery

Undergoing a gastric bypass surgery is undoubtedly a good option for those who are morbidly obese or overweight. But post surgery, patients often find it difficult to keep the weight off. Although some bit of weight gain after gastric bypass surgery is acceptable, some patients, because of their unhealthy lifestyle, tend to gain back all that they lost. One of the ways to avoid gaining back the pounds shed through surgery, is to follow specific lifestyle recommendations. Here are some of the ways to deal with weight gain after gastric bypass surgery.

1. Consult a nutritionist

Patients who monitor their diet with the help of a professional counselor get better weight loss results in the long run.  Post surgery, your doctor may refer you to a nutritionist or a dietitian. The key is to never stop seeing them and eating healthy at all times.

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2. Lose as much weight as possible before surgery

It has been observed that a higher percentage of morbidly obese patients (BMI between 40 and 49.9) tend to keep off the excess weight lost, as compared to the percentage of super obese (BMI of 50 or more). It is, therefore, recommended that patients must try to lose as much weight as possible, prior to weight loss surgery.

3.  Say ‘No’ to binge-eating before and after surgery

Patients diagnosed with binge eating disorder (BED) are more likely to lose less weight after surgery. When food dependencies or abuse are the root cause of obesity, getting help to address the root problem is a must, as is learning to develop healthier eating habits overall.

4. Join a weight loss surgery support group

Did you know patients who participate in support groups have an approximately 10% lower body mass index than patients who don’t? The impact that support groups have on an individual can’t be underestimated, and therefore, it’s highly advisable for SIPS gastric surgery patients to join a support group to avoid regaining the excess weight shed.

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5. Dealing with alcohol and drug consumption

Alcohol and drug abuse problems may lead to gastric bypass complications. It may also lead to weight gain post surgery. To avoid these problems, have a frank talk with your psychologist during your psychological evaluation session, prior to surgery approval.

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