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A Handy Guide to Prepare for Weight Loss Surgery

September 7, 2016

Bariatric Surgery Perth

Early preparation is a prerequisite to achieve the maximum possible weight loss from a bariatric surgery and also minimize the risks of complications. Bariatric surgeons in Perth and every other part of the world would agree that preparing for the procedure may require a number of changes in the lifestyle of the patient. Old habits, however, die hard. Therefore, to help, in this blog post, we provide a comprehensive preparation guide for those who are planning to undergo a bariatric surgery. Let’s look at some of the essential changes.

Say No to Junk Food

The size of the stomach is reduced after a bariatric surgery, and therefore, you feel full after eating less food. Therefore, junk food might not provide your body the essential nutrients in the required quantity, making you prone to malnourishment. Following a strict diet regime after the surgery never comes easy, it is better to start early and prepare your taste buds for the change.

Increase the Intake of Proteins and Multivitamins

Protein makes you feel full soon and for a long time. It also helps in preserving muscles when the body loses weight rapidly after the surgery. Changes in digestive system slows down the consumption of food, which means your body might be unable to absorb required amount of nutrients. Start taking nutritional supplements every day to develop a routine.

Avoid Alcohol and Tobacco

Alcohol increases sugar level, leading to weight gain, and putting you at a higher risk of associated health problems. The body also becomes easily intoxicated after the surgery, which increases the likelihood of eating unhealthy food. In addition, discontinue the use of tobacco products, as they increase the risk of complications during and after the weight loss surgery. Patients are advised to stay tobacco-free for at least three months before the surgery.

Increase Water Intake

When preparing for a weight loss surgery, patients need to drink plenty of water, as this gives a feeling of fullness and promotes pre-procedure weight loss. There’s a probability of the patient developing a kidney stone after the surgery; keeping the body hydrated reduces the odds. Therefore, make sure that you drink at least 2 liters of water every day.

Last Few Words

The commitment to lifestyle change should begin before the bariatric surgery. Try to implement the changes three to six months prior the surgery to avoid complications at the time of the surgery and for better weight loss results. If you have more questions related to bariatric surgery, feel free to speak with surgeons at Perth Surgical and Bariatrics. You can reach us at 08 9370 9686, or fill out our contact form and we’ll get back to you, shortly.

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