Usually a bad diet or a casual lifestyle are some of the most common culprits behind weight gain. However, there are instances when one is doing everything right, but they still continue to gain weight, that too at a very fast pace. If you are facing a similar issue and are unsure of the reasons behind the sudden weight gain, then here’s a checklist of medical problems that might be responsible for your weight gain worries. Let’s take a look.

Medical Conditions causes Weight Gain Fast –

1. Hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism is a medical condition in which thyroid is unable to produce enough thyroid hormone. Sudden weight gain is one of the most common symptoms in people diagnosed with this medical condition. The cause of weight gain is the low basal metabolic rate in patients with a low basal metabolic rate. Some other common signs and symptoms of hypothyroidism are fatigue, constipation, dry skin, hoarseness, muscle weakness and depression. So, if you have been gaining weight fast recently, then go see a doctor.

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2. Depression

In 2010, American Journal of Public Health published a study that people diagnosed with depression tend to gain weight fast. According to the study, one of the reasons they gave for it was that people with depression tend to eat more, and that too high-calorie, high-fat food. Depression also leads to the discharge of a stress hormone called Coritsol that in turn may lead to weight gain. Besides the discharge of Coritsol, taking anti-depressant pills is also one of the reasons patients gain weight.

3. Bacterial Overgrowth

A high fat diet can damage the gut bacteria, affecting the gut flora and promoting inflammation and weight gain. A bacterial overgrowth inside the gut throws a body and its hormones upside down, leading to poor digestion and sloww bowel movement which in turn may result in sudden weight gain. Most of the bacterial overgrowth takes place because of the consumption of food that includes high levels of inflammatory, refined omega 6 vegetable oils.

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4. Cushing’s Syndrome

Cushing’s syndrome is a rare medical condition that affects 15 in a million adults. The condition, however, is a serious one and can be fatal. Cushing’s syndrome is caused due to high cortisol levels in patients. The cortisol is produced by a tumour on one of the adrenal glands of the patient. The condition leads to sudden weight loss and is accompanied by other symptoms such as osteoporosis and high blood pressure.

Should You Consider a Weight Loss Surgery?

If you have tried almost everything available be it diet, drugs or gym to lose weight, and even if you do not have any of the above mentioned medical conditions, consult one of the most renowned Bariatric Surgeon in Perth – Dr. Ravi Rao at Perth Surgical and Bariatrics to discuss if a SIPS weight loss procedure or any weight loss surgery would help. To learn more, fill out our contact form or give us a call at 08 9370 9686.